Quick Weeknight Meals - Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo with Red Peppers and Brocolli

Chicken fettuccini Alfredo with red peppers and brocolli

Pasta is the ultimate food in our house, every single day when I ask what the girls want for dinner, they answer pasta.  They don't care what kind of sauce, they don't care what noodle, as long as it is a noodle, its a hit.

Staying Connected as Partners and Parents

When I was pregnant with Sophia, me and my husband took a parenting class.  We learned all the essential skills that we needed in order to not break the baby; proper swaddling, proper sterilization, techniques to help baby sleep, eat, and play.

The very last day of the class focused on our relationship as a couple. We talked about what we loved about the other person, and about the qualities in our mate that would make them a good parent. We learned techniques to support each other through the changes that were coming our way, and at the end of the class we signed a contract to each other that even as we changed from a blissful couple to a family of three, we would remember that before we were parents, we were partners, we were lovers, and we were friends.  The contract made us promise that we would make alone time for each other as a couple, even amidst the chaos of parenthood.
At the time I thought how silly that was, of course I would remember all that.  We, as a couple,  had never been more happy and in love, we had been married less than two years, and soon we would be welcoming our first child, a living breathing symbol of the love we shared.  How could I possibly forget?

And then I had the baby.

Today's Quiet Time is Brought To Us by #Kidoodle.TV

Three kids means a lot of attempts at quiet time, with very little quite time actually taking place.

Most of the time its OK, I'm used to noise at this point, but there are times when I really need some calm and quiet.  At home when I'm trying to take a nap get some work done, or during an important phone call, at the drs office while waiting for an appointment, not to mention road trips, there are times where running wild and playing just don't work.

Ladie's Lunch at Wendy's

Last weekend I met up with one of my BFFs Lisa, at Wendy's for lunch.  We like to get together without the kids or husbands as often as we can.  Our "Ladies Lunches" are the perfect chance to relax, and catch up.
We both have kids around the same age so naturally our conversations usually end up being about the kids we are so happy to get away from for a few hours.

Bathtime With My #AveenoBabies

You cant put just anything on skin this sweet.

Bath time is a special time in our house.
Its something we all look forward to throughout the day.  We usually bathe the girls together, and lately we've been letting the baby join them as well.  Its a great time to sit and relax as a family.  While they play and get washed, me and my husband take a chance to sit back and relax a bit.
With three kids in the tub, we need both hands on deck, so its one of the rare times that we are both in the same place without a pressing need to be somewhere else, doing one of the 758 things on our daily to-do lists.