Today's Quiet Time is Brought To Us by #Kidoodle.TV

Three kids means a lot of attempts at quiet time, with very little quite time actually taking place.

Most of the time its OK, I'm used to noise at this point, but there are times when I really need some calm and quiet.  At home when I'm trying to take a nap get some work done, or during an important phone call, at the drs office while waiting for an appointment, not to mention road trips, there are times where running wild and playing just don't work.

Ladie's Lunch at Wendy's

Last weekend I met up with one of my BFFs Lisa, at Wendy's for lunch.  We like to get together without the kids or husbands as often as we can.  Our "Ladies Lunches" are the perfect chance to relax, and catch up.
We both have kids around the same age so naturally our conversations usually end up being about the kids we are so happy to get away from for a few hours.

We both agreed that Frozen needs to go away, and that "Let It Go" loses something after the 775th time you listen to it.  We talked about the insane number of birthday parties our daughters were invited to next month. Her little girl recently started walking and we watched a few videos of her shaky steps, and we chatted about the struggles we're both having with school lunches and our picky eaters.

We had a great time catching up, and chatting, and lunch, as usual, was delicious.

I had the new BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad.  It was amazing, made with warm grilled chicken, fire roasted corn, freshly diced tomatoes, sharp cheddar cheese, applewood smoked bacon and a honey BBQ sauce.  The BBQ Ranch dressing, made with real buttermilk, parmesan cheese, and ancho chili peppers,  finished it off perfectly and my salad was like savory backyard BBQ in a bowl.
Lisa opted for the Taco Supremo Salad, which looked so good I had to try some myself.  Made with fresh lettuce, diced tomatoes, tangy salsa, shredded cheddar cheese, and topped with hearty chili, crunchy taco chips, and sour cream, this salad was bursting with mexican flavor.
Lisa's Taco Supremo Salad looked so good I had to try it myself

Wendy's may not be the first place you think of when you're considering a lunch date with your girls, but it should be. Wendy's is a leader is in the fast food salad industry.  They've been perfecting their salads for more than 30 years, and it really shows in their newest menu items, Asian Cashew Chicken Salad, BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad, and Taco Supremo Salads.
These salads are super fresh with fresh topped romaine and iceberg lettuce mixed with 9 different greens, and topped with great ingredients like grilled 100% premium all white chicken breast, warm chili, freshly sliced tomatoes, red peppers, and cucumbers, as well as some great toppings like cashews and edameme that you wouldn't expect to find in a "fast-food" salad.
You can even choose between full and half size portions.
Even better? Each of the three new salads have 50% less fat, and are 29% lower in sodium and 61% lower in saturated fat.

Why not grab your BFF and head to Wendy's for a Lady's Lunch of your own?  And don't forget to check out Wendy's Youtube Channel to see more Girlfriends at Wendys Eating Salads and Talking About Stuff

Disclosure: Although this post has been generously sponsored by Wendy’s, the opinions and language are all my own, and in no way do they reflect Wendy’s. 

Bathtime With My #AveenoBabies

You cant put just anything on skin this sweet.

Bath time is a special time in our house.
Its something we all look forward to throughout the day.  We usually bathe the girls together, and lately we've been letting the baby join them as well.  Its a great time to sit and relax as a family.  While they play and get washed, me and my husband take a chance to sit back and relax a bit.
With three kids in the tub, we need both hands on deck, so its one of the rare times that we are both in the same place without a pressing need to be somewhere else, doing one of the 758 things on our daily to-do lists.

Breastfeeding In Public, How Is This Still a "Debate"

Breastfeeding In Public

WHY, is this still an issue? HOW, is this still an issue?

How can anyone in their right minds want to deny a mother the right to comfortably feed her baby?  It just seems so simple to me, if your baby is hungry, you feed them. You don't run into a darkened corner, cover both of yourselves up in a shawl and hope for the best.  You just feed them.  In the same way and the same place you feed yourself.
If men were the ones who had to breastfeed their children, I really don't think this would be an issue, but, society today thinks its OK to tear women and mothers down over every choice they make.
Its everywhere, in magazine headlines declaring shock if a model isn't runway ready 6 weeks after birth,  in our workplaces where a woman with a family is mommy tracked and passed over time and again, and our own homes, and in our friends lists and news feeds, where every single choice we make is put up for judgement.

Spring Cleaning Your Make-Up Bag

Spring is finally here and with it comes longer days, warmer temperatures (hopefully) and sunshine.  It’s the perfect time of year to throw open the windows, air out the house, and give everything a thorough clean. 
While you’re scrubbing and organising, it’s important to take a little time to clean out your beauty supplies as well.
Cosmetics, like food, have an expiration date, and it’s very important to periodically go through your makeup stash and make sure everything is fresh.

Is Your December Baby Ready For School?

In the past few weeks my social media feeds have been full of mommies talking about registering their children for kindergarten.  Its such an exciting and terrifying time, and I know for a certain group of mommies, the ones with children born in the later part of the year, its especially anxiety inducing.

I know how they feel, that was me in the beginning of last year, struggling with the choice.
Is she ready? Will not sending her to school hold her back? Will she be picked on because she's smaller? Will she be tired without a nap? Will she be scared?