Paradise {Bahamas Style}

January 15, 2016
Junkanoo Beach, Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas

Wow, was that the fastest holiday season ever or what?  I cant believe its already January!
You know what they say though, time flies when you’re having fun, and I definitely had a ton of fun this past month.
This year, me and hubby decided to invest in just us, and take a few days, blissfully alone, before the chaos of the holidays really started.  So we headed down to Miami and took a 4 days Bahamas cruise with Norwegian Cruise Lines.
It sounds like paradise doesn’t it? Well, you know what?
It was.
From the moment we stepped onto the Norwegian Sky, we were treated like royalty.
Our very first experience on board was a beautiful lunch overlooking Miamis skyline, after the craziness of that morning (checking out, getting to the ship) it was so nice to just sit and relax, and of course the view wasn’t bad either.

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After lunch we headed to our room to relax a bit before heading up to watch the ship sail away.
Sail away (when the ship is leaving a port) is one of my favorite parts of a cruise, its a great time to sit back, relax, and literally watch the world go by.
I love the feeling of adventure sail away gives me, that’s why I love cruising so much, a new port is a whole new adventure!

After sail away we headed to dinner.  One thing you will never be on a cruise, is hungry.  There is so much food, and so many options.  Buffet or sit down, casual or dressy, you will find something for everyone’s tastes, and we did our best to try it all.


Our favorite restaurant on the whole boat was Cagneys.  It was where we had our very first meal aboard, and we went back every day for breakfast, and one dinner.  I like that it was smaller, and a little more quiet.  Were early risers so we usually had the place to ourselves for breakfast.  One of my favorite meals on the trip was a swordfish burger from Cagneys, it was my first taste of swordfish, and I loved it.

Another thing you wont lack on an NCL cruise is fun, casinos, constant activities, dance parties, bingo, live shows, comedy routines, even a game show were all part of the entertainment every night. My favorite show was the Vegas dance show, that took us through the history of entertainment in Las Vegas.  It was amazing, from the costumes, to the songs ( I love the Rat Pack) to the dancing, I was riveted.

Our first port of call was Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas.  This was the first time I have been to the Bahamas, but its been on my bucket list since I’ve had a bucket list.  I was expecting white sand beaches, crystal clear blue water, and of course that beautiful sunshine, and I was not disappointed.

There were so many options for shore excursions that we couldn’t decide! We kept going back and forth between snorkeling or a Segway tour, but in the end we decided to leave the boat on our own to do a little exploring and ended up at Junkanoo Beach where we sunbathed, ate some great burgers, drank some great beer, and swam all day.  It was low-key, relaxing, and exactly what we needed to kick start us into vacation mode.

Junkanoo Beach, Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas
Our second port was Nassau, Bahamas.  Home of the famous Atlantis Resort.  We ate breakfast as we were pulling into port, and I could barely eat I was so busy looking around! The water was a blue so bright, i cant even describe it, and the scene was so beautiful I was (almost) speechless.  We had originally planned on taking a guided tour of the island, but seeing that water, I knew I was going swimming, so we switched to a snorkeling cruise at nearby Athos Island.
Nassau is a much bigger port and the cruise ships were sharing the space with fishing boats and military boats, there was so much to look at on the short walk to our snorkel boat.

Once we got on the boat, it was a short ride to the reef, and when I got in the water, I couldn’t believe how many fish there were!


The next day we woke up to a view of my favorite island of the entire trip, Great Stirrup Cay, NCLs private island.
It was smaller than all the other islands because it’s only for NCL passengers, this island is the definition of a tropical paradise.
We reserved a small cabana and lounged in the sun before heading out for another snorkeling adventure, although to be honest, I could have happily just sat on the beach and looked at this view all day.

The next day we were back in Miami and reluctantly ready to come home.

As much as I would have loved to extend the trip (indefinitely) I think a 4 days cruise is a really great option, its long enough to be able to enjoy, but short enough that we didn’t have to feel too guilty about leaving Grandma with 4 kids.  I cannot recommend a trip to the bahamas with NCL cruise lines enough.  I loved it, and you will too, you can check out departure dates, and more on the NCL website.
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