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Design Tips From Christine Dovey creator of the #BestBuySheShed

November 10, 2016

When you think of home decor shopping, what stores come to mind?
Is Best Buy one of them? Well, I think it should be, and let me show you why.

I recently had a chance to tour the Best Buy She Shed with designer Christine Dovey at the National Women’s Show in Toronto, and I was very surprised how beautiful, and well stocked it was!

The She Shed, was literally that, a shed, and from the outside it looked it’s part, a nice looking shed, but still just a shed, not overly large, or special in any way.  When I stepped through the door however, I was treated to quite the surprise.


I could not believe the feeling i got when i walked in, plush carpet, gorgeous furniture, and accessories I would associate with a high end boutique, combined with amazing lighting, and some awesome tech, to create a space that I would love to spend a lot of time in.  When I think Best-Buy, I think tech, and it truly shocked me how beautiful the pieces around me were, and every single one of them were from Best Buy.

I was able to sit down with Christine Dovey and chat about how she created the look.

TIP #1 : Embrace beautifully designed technology in your space – you don’t have to hide it.  The days of tech being an ugly detraction from your style are gone, and today’s pieces seamlessly blend style and functionality, so there’s nothing to hide. The pieces themselves can act as accessories, art pieces, and focal points, and with today’s wireless technology, it can be hard to tell the difference between tech and style.


Some great examples of this are the Sonos PLAY:1 Wireless Speaker, Sony 55″ 4K Ultra UDH HDR LED Android Smart TV and the Phillips HUe Smart LED Wireless Dimmer Switch. All of these pieces effortlessly blend the tech and style.

TIP #2: Transform your space using technology.  Use atmosphere lighting like the absolutely gorgeous Nanoleaf Aurura Smart LED Light Panel to “paint” with light and enhance or reflect your mood. Add in accessories that are as beautiful to look at as they are to use such as the Vitamix Professional 500 Gallery Counter top Blender and the Keurig K200 plus 4 cup coffee maker.


TIP #3 : Make the Most of Modern Technology.  Best Buy is known for tech and that’s because Best Buy knows tech, and it can improve all aspects of your life including fitness, style, and ease of living, and your she shed should be no exception.  Pieces like the Logitech Harmony Elite Remote, Muse Brain Sensing Headband and Bellabeat Leaf Fitness Tracker will have you feeling your absolute best.


The Best Buy She Shed definitely surprised me with its sleek tech that seamlessly blends with the beautiful design, and the shocker is that literally all of it available at Best Buy, from the carpet, to the accent tables, to the art, to the lamps, even the glassware in the cabinets!


What are your favorite pieces?

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