Mess Free Fun with Crayola Color Wonder

November 16, 2016

My kids love art and creative projects, and I love nurturing that in them.  

We’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to express their creativity. For my older kids, it’s easy! Lay out some paint and paper and let them go to town. They’re old enough to know to stay on the paper, or at least the drop-cloth, and coordinated enough that, most of the time, paints and markers stay where they are meant to be. My three-year-old, however, matches them in enthusiasm more than coordination.  He wants to colour, draw, and paint like his sisters, but more often than not, that means marker and paint on the tablecloth, the floor, and sometimes even in the drapes!  

I cringe to remember the results of Marker-Gate 2015, when he got his hands on a permanent marker while I was cooking Christmas dinner and “made the couch pretty” 20 minutes before my guests were due to arrive!

Luckily I have a secret weapon. Crayola Color Wonder markers and paints. Color Wonder is a unique patented mess-free colouring system with markers and paints that only write on special Color Wonder paper. The special markers and paints won’t colour on skin, walls, furniture or fabric. It’s literally a Mommy’s dream come true.


Now my clumsy preschooler can sit with his sisters and colour, and there is such a huge selection of Color Wonder colouring books, that his sisters even use his sometimes! It’s great for everyone because they have an activity they can all do together, he has the freedom to create and be creative, and I don’t have to hover over him with a damp cloth!

I now keep a box of Color Wonder markers in my car, and whenever we are out for lunch, at the mall, or even on long car rides, the kids can colour without me worrying about my upholstery. I even brought them to church last week, (I don’t even want to think about the mess that he would have created with a normal marker). He stayed quiet and clean in the pews, and I didn’t have to sneak out during the hymns again! picture_20161014_183733775

If you have a preschooler, I can’t recommend Color Wonder highly enough for safe, nontoxic, and mess-free fun. Crayola’s assortment of Color Wonder products are available at all major retailers, but can also be found on Crayola’s online store.

This post has been brought to you by Crayola Color Wonder but the images and opinions are my own.

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