Get Your Garden Ready

March 15, 2017
Get Your Garden Ready

Warmer temperatures and sunny days are on the horizon {and yes, we’ll even take some of those April showers to bring May flowers}, and in the midst of Canada Blooms thoughts are most definitely turning to our own gardens and what they will look like this coming season. But it’s not quite as simple as heading out into the yard and dropping some seeds in the ground.

“Gardening takes some planning and preparation,” says Denis Flanagan, a horticultural expert with Landscape Ontario. “There are a few tasks you can tackle now to get your garden ready for planting.”

Denis offers the following advice to help your garden wake up from winter and get ready for spring and summer:

  • Check your shrubs and trees for winter damage. Prune off dead or damaged branches. Damaged bark needs to be pared back and cleaned lest it become a have for potentially damaging pests and disease.
  • Prep your lawn by raking out winter debris and thatch. Run an aerator over the grass that will allow your high-nitrogen fertilizer to reach the roots and promote growth of a lush, health lawn.
  • Turn over the soil in your vegetable garden to a depth of 15 inches. Dig in some manure and compost that will supply your vegetables with valuable nutrients throughout the growing season.
  • The soil in your pots and containers should also be turned, with some compost and slow-release fertilizer worked in.
  • Take a peek in your garage or garden shed to take stock of your garden tools. Make sure everything is in working order, and take note of implements that may need to be replaced.
  • Start collecting small containers where you can start your seedlings. Get your seeds growing immediately so they are ready to get outside and in the ground by May.
  • Plants like pansies, ranunculus and primula are ideal for early spring planting. They either flourish in cooler temperatures, our use the moist, cool soil to firmly establish themselves for a summer of vibrant colours.
  • Putting spring bulbs in the ground now will ensure blooms all summer long. Consider bulbs like Gladiolus, Dahlias and Caladiums — although the latter are best planted later in the spring.

    What are your best tips for prepping your garden?

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