5 “Cant-Miss” Experiences at Nordik Spa

July 21, 2017
Nordik Spa

Nordik Spa in Chelsea, QC,  is a little piece of heaven that I cannot believe I only recently discovered.  I had a chance to spend a day there recently with a few of my favorite people and I cannot wait to get back.  There are so many experiences at Nordik Spa and they are all MUST-DO but here are the top 5 that I think are the absolute best.

  1. Aufgauss

    Aufguss at Nordik Spa

    Part infused sauna, part show, Aufguss is a ritual involving a VERY hot sauna, amazing essential oil blends and a “AufGuss Master who uses a towel to move the air around the room, and trust me, it is intense!  There are three levels in the sauna, and I highly recommend sticking to the bottom level for your first Aufguss experience, as heat rises, and the higher you go, the more intense it is. I underestimated the intensity my first time, and I can tell you, even though its only 15 minutes, and it is absolutely heavenly, I don’t think I would have been able to stay in for the entire ritual had i been on the second or third levels. The Aufguss runs every 2 hours, and are announced by a Gong.  They tend to fill up so get there a little early and help yourself to a generous cup of ice outside the door, if you’re anything like me, you may just need to dump it over your head part way through

  2. Kalla

    Oh my goodness, the Kalla, I can feel my body relaxing just typing the words out. Dug 5 meters into the rock, in a darkened room, there is a pool of absolute heaven. Designed to simulate the dead sea, this salt water pool will give you the most amazing feeling of weightlessness. The water is the perfect temperature, and there is soft music playing just underneath the surface, its is so quiet and still, utter perfection. I could have stayed in this pool for days, just floating in the silence.
    Side Note: This would be an absolute dream during those last weeks of pregnancy, and a Kalla pass would make the perfect baby-shower gift.

  3. A Hammock Big Enough for 4 {or, a really spacious hammock for 1}

    Just past the infinity pool, hung over a sweet trickling waterfall, is a giant hammock that is perfect for napping after lunch, chatting with your girlfriends, or just watching clouds go by. It can be a bit challenging to get on or off, but that’s part of the fun!

  4. Salt scrubs


    Just outside of the Banya Room there is a salt scrub area, with two different essential {lavender or mint} oil infused salt scrubs that you can help yourself to.  They feel amazing going on, and your skin will absolutely glow afterwards.  I am lavender obsessed so I stuck with that, but the mint smelled absolutely amazing as well. Follow the scrubs with a warm shower, or bucket if you’re brave, and a few minutes in the sauna and you will glow for days!

  5. Silence


    Everyone who knows me will be absolutely shocked that this is included in this list, as silence is not something I do well, or often, or at all, and I will be the first to admit that it was the part of my spa visit that I really wasn’t looking forward to, but a few hours in, when relaxation really starts to take hold of you, it starts to feel almost blissful to be, and to be part of, silence for a while.  There are three different “zones” at Nordik Spa, Kaskad which is meant for complete silence, Borea which is the whisper zone, and Panarama, which is the social zone where you can laugh and talk.  I highly recommend taking time in all 3 to get the most of your day.

    Have you been to Nordik Spa? What was your favorite experience? I’d love to hear about it.

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