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The Ultimate Day at the Spa Packing List

July 21, 2017
The Ultimate Day Spa Packing List

I recently had a chance to check out the amazing Nordik Spa in Chelsea, QC, { you can read all about it here} and of course, I over-packed!  I learned that there’s really not much you need at a day spa, but there are a few essentials to help make the day perfect.
I’m heading back this weekend {Yay} and this is what will be in my bag.

The Ultimate Day Spa Packing List

  1.  A Comfy Robe – Some spas will provide them, or rent them for the day, but you can always bring your own. Stick to thin cotton or silk instead of thicker materials unless its a chilly day
  2.  A bathing suit or 2. You’re going to need a nice comfy suit for the water, and if you’re having a treatment done, its best to bring a second one so you’re not sitting around in a wet suit.
  3. A cute Bag – For carrying all of your essentials
  4. Something comfy to wear home, because when you’re blissed out from a day of relaxation, skinny jeans will not be your friends
  5. Sunglasses – keep your eyes safe from the sun, perfect for outdoor naps
  6. A great book just in case napping isnt for you
  7. Easy on shoes, a simple pair that will go on and off easily, preferable one that can get wet
  8. Refillable Water Bottle – Hydration is so important, a refillable bottle will help make sure you always have water nearby.
  9. Sunscreen – Protect your skin from UVs because nothing ruins a massage like a sunburn

Of course its always best to check the website of the spa you’re going to and see what is provided and any little extras you may need to bring.

What do you pack for a day at the spa, share your packing tips in the comments below?

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