First Day Outfits #GotItAtSears

August 31, 2017

Sears LogoI remember about a million years ago when summer started winding down and my mom would take me back to school shopping. There always had to be a new backpack, binders and pencil cases, and of course, some new shoes and clothes. The coolest of which got designated as “The First Day Outfit”. I don’t even want to think about how many cumulative hours I spent making sure that my First Day Outfit was perfect, and I’m not going to lie, I cringe a little when I think about some of the looks I put together. First days back are hard though, and I have to admit, feeling like I looked a million buck in my sparkly stirrup pants helped me find my confidence.
These days my role has changed up and I am now the proud mom of 3 {!!!!) back to schoolers, who all have very distinct opinions on what they will be wearing for #BTS2017.  Luckily Sears has my back, and I was able pick up some great outfits that had both my kids and credit cards smiling, in fact I can dress my kids head to toe for less than $100!

For my eldest, who is going into grade 3, and balancing a pretty demanding after school schedule of gymnastics and competitive acro, comfy basics like these french terry jogger pants {$12.97} and graphic Ts {$3.97}are going to be a wardrobe staple. I love that they can go from school to gym, which mean less laundry for me.

For my tutu wearing, super princessy grade one, sparkly slip-on shoes {$14.97} make her glitter loving heart smile, and of course she had to have the same joggers as her sister.  Luckily they come in 3 different colors so we avoided the “Shes copying me” meltdown.
14712109_P_C14175107_A002and for my my rough and tumble JK’er who never met a mud puddle he didn’t love and who I know will be surrounded by irresistible paints, clay, and glue all year, I found some super cute T’s at a great price {$3.97}
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I love that Sears has what it takes to make all of us happy. They get cute clothes and accesories for back to school, and I don’t have to spend a fortune to get them.

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