Planning Your Family For Christmas Party: Covid-19 Style

Planning Your Family For Christmas Party: Covid-19 Style
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There’s not a soul on the planet who won’t cheer when 2020 comes to an end. But it’s not over until the fat lady sings and there’s one huge elephant in the room before we get there.

Whatever you usually do for Christmas, the chances are that this year will look very different. 

Some families will not be able to meet their loved ones at all this year.

Some families will have to meet outdoors only. Others may be able to host a get-together, but even then, it will need careful planning. 

Stay Informed 

First thing is first. Check the local regulations in your area or district. What may be permitted can change fast, so it is v­­ital to stay informed about any guidelines or laws that may affect your event.

Make A Plan

This year, you need a plan like never before. Before deciding what to do for your party, you need to consider who is coming, as it directly affects what you do.

If you have family members who are shielding, think up ways of including them. If they are unable to attend the real-life event, make sure they can participate via phone, Skype, or Zoom. 

On top of this, you also need to consider your other guests. Are you hosting kids? Elderly relations? 

Set out your plan for accommodating them all – in a socially distanced manner.

Make A Plan B

Unfortunately, 2020 is not done with us yet and it would be wise to have a plan B in place if your party cannot go ahead.


The first big decision to make is the venue – and whether there even is to be one.


If you are hosting part or all of your event virtually, take the time to plan it just as carefully as you would a real-life event. 

Organize your home area, ready for the virtual party, decorations, and everything needed for the event.

Help prepare your guests to join in virtually, with tech troubleshooting on hand.

At Home

If you have decided to go ahead and host an event at home, then think about the suitability of it carefully.

With social distancing, people will need a lot more space than usual. They will also need individual cutlery and crockery and their nibbles/ food. It should go without saying that buffets are completely OUT this year!


With people isolating and many local areas still banning indoor gatherings, you may have no other choice but to host your family event outdoors… in December!

Yes, this is a challenge, but some things can be done. If you have space and means, consider patio heaters, awnings, and marquees for an outdoor Christmas party.

This year Santa might be forced to stay outdoors, so why not make him a grotto? If there’s snow, then it’s even better!

A Christmas bonfire could help warm things up. Just as with an indoor event, chairs still need to be socially distanced, and there should be plenty of hand gel, etc., available.

Outdoor – Drive Thru

Maybe it is just too cold for going outside, in which case consider a drive-thru event for guests to see your family Christmas lights display.

You can also organize a Christmas present drop off/ pick up point, with Christmas bakes and other goodies.


Some families are choosing to isolate before Christmas to be “safe” to visit. If this is an option, it might reassure older or vulnerable family members.

Take A Test

Finally, before the big event, if possible, take a Covid test and encourage your guests to do likewise. This will help keep everyone safe during Christmas 2020 and beyond.