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6 Things You Can Do To Stay Mentally Healthy During Quarantine 2020

6 Things You Can Do To Stay Mentally Healthy During Quarantine 2020
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Getting through lockdown is tough. And even when it is lifted, you may need to isolate, either temporarily or for a longer period.


Routine is the framework in which your life sits. In isolation, it falls apart. 

 Suddenly, you find yourself adrift and drowning.

Unless you already work from home, this can come as a big shock. And even for parents who already do work at home, adjusting to the kids being home can be a significant challenge!

So, we have some tips for finding your family/work/life balance.

  • Set Your Alarm – a few lie-ins are great and necessary refresher. Having them every day can quickly spiral into a whole-day-under-the-duvet scenario. This may feed into depression.

Getting up, dressed, and ready is crucial to the maintenance of any routine. Find out what suits you best, and try to stick to it.

It will also help kids when home-schooling.

  • Prioritize – If you’re working from home for the first time, it is easy to be overwhelmed – especially if you have kids.

This is why it is good to prioritize your needs for the day and plan out when to achieve each goal in a realistic timescale.

Be kind to yourself – with a family in the mix, you may not be able to do everything you plan.

  • Have Your Own Space – Anyone with kids will know well the difficulties in working in a family or communal area.

Put your workstation somewhere you can work uninterrupted. If this is not possible, try and figure out what times of day are the best for getting your own space in a shared room. 

Once you have your desk space, your headspace will come automatically.

  • Reach Out – Humans are social creatures and being stuck at home is lonely– even for families in isolation.

Although you may be unable to go out at the moment, or as much, there are other ways to socialize.

Make it a habit to get in touch with one friend, family member, or other of your support network daily.

The same for your kids. Clubs and sleepovers may be out, but make sure they can still connect with their friends on their terms.

Join online groups. A lot is going on in your local area to get involved with, even if it is only to chat online or over the phone.

  • Get Out Of The House – Getting out, both on your own and with the kids, is vital to good mental and physical health. Try and get a routine going and rotate the places you go visit to keep it fresh. 
  • Make The Most Of It –This might sound odd but being at try and make the best of your time together as a family.

We know this is hard, especially for working parents, so try and be gentle with yourself and find time to do one thing you enjoy each day.

Although it feels like forever, this time will soon pass, and it is important to try and enjoy it as much as possible.